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Module 5: Dysphagia & IDDSI       

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Difficulty swallowing – also known as dysphagia – is a common challenge faced by many older people. To alleviate this, food can be prepared with different textures and consistencies to make eating easier and more enjoyable. The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative or IDDSI, is a global program to help providers achieve the correct textures, and use the resources available to them to enhance the meal time experience and nutrition intake. 

Discover how to provide modified texture food and fluids consistent with IDDSI specifications and ensure you still meet nutrition needs, while still ensuring food is suitably presented and appealing.

This module is presented as follows:
  • Twelve videos (approx. 108 minutes in total)
  • Downloadable resources
  • Dysphagia and texture-modified diets quiz
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What you will learn

Topics covered in Module 5 include:
  • Introduction to Dysphagia 
  • The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative
  • RG7 Regular diet 
  • EC7 Easy to Chew diet 
  • SB6 Soft and Bite Sized diet 
  • MM 4 Minced and Moist diet 
  • PU4 Puree diet 
  • LQ3 Liquidised diet 
  • Thickened Fluids 
  • Presentation and catering of texture modified foods 
  • Nutrition 
  • Syringes


Within this module, you’ll be able to access the following fact sheets, templates, examples and other resources:

  • My Quality Improvement Plan
  • IDDSI materials:
    • Poster
    • Are You Ready? 
  • Audit tools:
    • Easy to Chew Diet
    • Soft and Bite Sized Diet 
    • Minced and Moist Diet Audit 
    • Puree Diet Audit 
    • Liquidised Diet Audit 
    • Extremely Thick Fluids
    • IDDSI Flow Test  
  • Fact sheets:
    • Breakfast Ideas
    • Snack Ideas
    • Nutrition in a Textured Modified Diet
    • Thickened Fluids 


At the completion of this module, you should be familiar with:

The meaning and causes of dysphagia.
The role and importance of texture modification.
The standards outlined by the IDDSI.
Definitions and requirements of different texture modified diets.
Nutritional needs when a person requires a texture modified diet.

The unique catering needs of a texture-modified diet.
Tips on presenting attractive texture modified foods.

Earn NPA Accreditation Certificates

When you have successfully completed the course you will be awarded with an accreditation certificate.

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