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Module 4: Malnutrition & Nutrition Support

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Older people, particularly those requiring supported care or in an aged care home are at high risk of weight loss and malnutrition. We explore the reasons why, and discuss practical ways that you can improve intake.
This module is presented as follows:
  • Twelve videos (approx. 95 minutes in total)
  • Downloadable resources
  • Malnutrition quiz
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What you will learn

Topics covered in Module 4 include:
  • Introduction
  • What is Malnutrition?¬†
  • Sarcopenia
  • Falls Risk¬†
  • Wounds
  • Barriers to Good Nutrition¬†
  • Identifying Malnutrition¬†
  • Nutrition Care¬†
  • The ‚ÄėFood First‚Äô approach
  • High-Protein High-Energy Diets¬†
  • Supplements
  • Enteral Nutrition (Tube Feeding)¬†
  • Palliative Care


Within this module, you’ll be able to access the following fact sheets, templates, examples and other resources:

  • My Quality Improvement Plan
  • Malnutrition Screening Tools
  • Ulna Length
  • Fact sheets:
    • Malnutrition
    • Wounds and Nutrition
    • Nourishing Fluids
    • Nourishing Fluid Recipes
    • High-Protein High-Energy Diets
    • Nutrition Supplements
    • Ceasing Supplements
    • Diet and Nutrition in Palliative Care
    • Malnutrition and Nutrition Support¬†
  • Best Practice Guidelines for Prevention of Falls


At the completion of this module, you should know:

How to recognise, monitor and/or measure for malnutrition.
Ways to identify malnutrition in older people and factors contributing to malnutrition.
The dangers of sarcopenia and muscle deterioration.
The impact of malnutrition on falls risk and wound healing.
The barriers to good nutrition.
Key processes to implement for nutrition care.
The role of high protein and high energy diets.
How and when to incorporate nutrition supplements into a person’s diet.
Goals and methods used in tube feeding and palliative care.

Earn NPA Accreditation Certificates

When you have successfully completed the course you will be awarded with an accreditation certificate.

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