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Module 3: Dementia & Nutrition

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Dementia can have a significant impact on a person’s food intake and eating. This module describes ways to identify factors that can lead to malnutrition in people with cognitive impairment and provides practical solutions to optimise food choices and maintain nutrition for people with dementia.
This module is presented as follows:
  • Eight videos (approx. 50 minutes in total)
  • Downloadable resources
  • Dementia and nutrition quiz
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What you will learn

Topics covered in Module 3 include:
  • Understanding Dementia 
  • The meal environment 
  • Table setting 
  • Meal and food serving styles 
  • Finger food 
  • Preferences and choices 
  • Meal time behaviours 
  • Sourcing further information and assistance


Within this module, you’ll be able to access the following fact sheets, templates, examples and other resources:

  • My Quality Improvement Plan
  • Finger Food fact sheet
  • Dementia fact sheet
  • Dementia Mealtime Assessment Tool (“DMAT”)


At the completion of this module, you should have an understanding of:

The meaning of and issues surrounding dementia and healthy eating.
The ways that dementia can impact meal times and nutrition.
Strategies and tools to use in identifying dementia factors that can lead to malnutrition.
Practical, engaging, and effective solutions towards providing nutritious and enjoyable meal times for older people with dementia.

Earn NPA Accreditation Certificates

When you have successfully completed the course you will be awarded with an accreditation certificate.

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