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New- Australian Pasteurised Eggs

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 19 December 2018
New- Australian Pasteurised Eggs

NPA welcomes the launch of the new Safe Eggs from Australian Pasteurised Eggs. These eggs have the potential to bring some dignity to the aged care sector with soft eggs coming back onto menus. It is such a simple thing: to enjoy a soft poached egg but up until now food safety regulations have restricted the ability to provide them to vulnerable populations. 

Eggs provide one of the best sources of protein for a sector where up to 50% of the population may be poorly nourished. Medical conditions can affect an older person's appetite or further increase their nutrition requirements. Any strategy that can increase protein and nutrition intake for older people is welcome.

The real benefit for nutrition care is that chefs will be able to increase protein intake by offering foods in a form that people love to eat. Items such as soft poached eggs, soft boiled egg with bread 'soldiers', pan fried eggs sunny side up, egg flips, mousse, even whole egg mayonnaise, aioli and hollandaise sauce can all make their way back onto menus. These pasteurised eggs will revolutionise the way that chefs cater for older people.

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Aveo- Good Food AND Good Nutrition

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 13 December 2018
Aveo- Good Food AND Good Nutrition

The nutrition needs of older people are complex. As we age we need more of some nutrients at the same time that our appetites and our exercise levels decrease.

 Older people need more nutrition in a lesser volume. It is inspiring to see that Aveo recognises the unique needs of older people and is leading the way in providing better food AND better nutrition.

See this link for more detail.


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Meal Plans for Older People

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 11 December 2018
Meal Plans for Older People

NPA are very excited to announce that our new Meal Plans for Older People Manual is available for download from our website.

The manual is a bench top guide to nutrition care and therapeutic or special diets when catering for older people. It provides a summary of nutrition for an older person, information regarding menu planning as well as a meal plan for each of the various special diets that are likely to be encountered. Many of these special diets eg diabetic and texture modified diets are routinely provided from the main menu, but others will need to be catered for on an individual basis.

Also included in this manual is information regarding standard serve sizes and a standard menu structure to ensure that residents are provided with ample opportunities to choose foods from each of the core food groups and to ensure that the organisation meets Best Practice and/ or Accreditation Guidelines.

The meal plans provide a simple and practical guide that can be readily referred to at the time of serving meals. It is invaluable for both food serice and care or nursing staff.


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Breakfast- is it important?

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 31 August 2018
Breakfast- is it important?
Breakfast could just be the most important meal of the day. This article from Senioirs News discusses what a good breakfast should look like.
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A Menu Fit for the Elderly

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 16 August 2018
A Menu Fit for the Elderly

Following is an exerpt from an article from The Daily Telegraph:

Earlier this year, research published in the Nutrition and Dietetic journal, found that "some nursing home providers were spending $6.08 a day for three meals per resident". The same study also found that "half of aged care residents suffered from malnutrition, with nursing home providers cutting spending on food by 30 per cent, per resident last year alone."

With these results in mind, some aged care communities and nursing homes in Australia have taken matters into their own hands, swapping "budget cut meals" of menus past, for something fresher and more nourishing. Taking a scientific approach to custom-made menus and ready-meals, John Casey, National Food Services Manager of Aveo, says this new approach will help prevent weight loss and malnutrition in senior Australians.

"With the assistance of Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA), Aveo has taken a more scientific approach when creating a nutritional framework. NPA provides advice on how to cater for senior Australian's dietary requirements, specifically seniors with diabetes, allergies and intolerances."

Have a look at the video about health food in retirement living.




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