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Nutrition Resources for Dietitians

Nutrition Professionals Australia has developed a range of resources for use when providing nutrition services to individuals or groups. These professionally presented resources are based on the latest scientific evidence and are regularly expanded and updated as new information becomes available. Resources include a wide range of clinical and nutrition-related topics.  They are an excellent tool for private practitioners or those working in a sole position in a hospital or community health centre.

Resources can be downloaded and printed onto your own letterhead or shell. We will provide you with details of the layout to be able to print on paper templates that have been pre-printed with your own logo and practice details.

Resources are an excellent tool for sole or private practitioners.

There are 2 versions of the resources that are available to you:

Standard resources - with no branding information can be printed onto a personalised letterhead that is placed into your printer. 
This provides a professional printed resource that is clearly identifiable as belonging to your company, and avoids the need for a costly coloured printer. You can print on any printer (eg within a GP's rooms or in a hospital) as long as you have some letterhead with you. NPA provides a standard format letterhead to which you can add your logo and company details and print in bulk. Alternatively, you may wish to design your own letterhead- it will need to match the layout of the one that we provide.

  • Click here to view a sample letterhead that will ensure that your resources are presented in the most professional manner (note that this can be adjusted with your company's details). The template is also available in a landscape version for a few key resources. Click here.
  • Click here to view a sample resource from the library that you can print onto a letterhead.

Resources preloaded onto letterhead - You are able to add your company logo and details to each of the resources on letterhead, once again branding them as your own. These resources can be emailed to clients or can be printed on a black and white or coloured printer.

  • Click here to view the same resource that is on letterhead that can be adapted with your company details.

Yearly cost for the standard resources are as follows:

  • First year: AUD $600 per dietitian - APDs have unlimited access to the full range of nutrition resources to download and print on your own template.
  • Annual renewal: AUD $300

Please note - Renewal Invoices will be sent out 4 weeks prior to membership finishing

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