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Do You Have A War At The Kitchen Door?

aged care aged care standards health malnutrition nutrition Jul 21, 2020

Standard 7, Aged Care Quality Standards evaluates if staff have the right skills, knowledge, tools and resources to provide quality of care.

There are many myths about food and nutrition. Everyone makes multiple decisions each day about the food they choose to eat. Does that make everyone an expert? The answer is no! The nutrition needs for older people are quite different from those in their younger years and all aged care staff need the right information in their toolkit.

Training needs to be continually provided to ensure all staff understand about nutrition relating to their role. A food service assistant and lifestyle assistant both need tools, but they will be quite different, but the messages should be consistent. NPA has conducted training for many years. If one group of staff is upskilled and the remainder has not had a chance to learn the same information, it can often result in war at the kitchen door!

Where do the staff receive their nutrition information? When did the Dietitian conduct training? Was it for everyone? 

Training can be provided via eLearning packages and NPA now provide interactive live web events increasing accessibility. 

Contact me for information about NPA training options.

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