Struggling with your weight?

We all know that the only way to achieve weight loss is to take in less energy (Calories or kilojoules) than we burn up in activity. Sounds easy? The reality is that it is extraordinarily difficult to achieve long term weight control. Any solution needs to be personalised and tailored to the individual.

There is good scientific evidence that an important step is to find the right support person to guide you through what is often a life long process. Regular support visits seem to be the key!

A Variety of Strategies is Needed

Our dietitians can offer you a variety of strategies to assist you to achieve your weight loss goals, ranging from individual appointments, to group sessions and even tours in a supermarket.

We can offer the following strategies:

One on one consultations:

Individualised advice
'Schedule' of topics for discussion and change
Structured meal plans
Low fat diets
Lower carbohydrate diets (as per CSIRO)
Low GI diets
Advice re eating behaviours
Self monitoring diaries
Very low energy diets VLCDs

Group programs

Supermarket tours

Small group tours in a supermarket to discuss food labels and healthy choices

For an appointment with one of our Accredited Practising Dietitians please call 08 8334 7200.


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