Sports Nutrition

We strive to assist both recreational and elite level athletes to achieve their potential and fulfil their ultimate sporting aspirations. With a results-focussed approach, we can provide you or your team with the ability to:

  • Optimise the benefits obtained from training
  • Increase endurance to outlast opponents
  • Recover faster
  • Develop powerful muscles and increase strength
  • Add speed and agility
  • Lose body fat and maximise lean body mass
  • Maintain hydration levels
  • Prepare for competition
  • Prevent illness and injuries and feel energetic and motivated
Our sports nutrition consultancy services can be provided in our offices, at your sporting club, or even during particular on-field training sessions and camps. By working with you, your coach, your sports physician and any other relevant health professionals, we ensure a comprehensive approach to your health and performance.


Athletes and Sports Performance

As sports nutrition knowledge and practice become increasingly sophisticated, there is a new appreciation of the fact that all athletes have different nutritional needs. Our dietitians are able to provide details, sport-specific advice to assist you in meeting your goals and aspirations relating to your performance. We will examine your day-to-day eating patterns as well as your food and fluid intake related to your training and competition. Based on your energy requirements, training schedule and other life-style factors, we will provide you with individualised sport-specific nutrition recommendations. We realise that all athletes want to know that the person advising them understands their specific needs. As experienced sports dietitians, we translate the latest sports nutrition theories and ideas into tailored recommendations that relate specifically to your particular sport, covering all phases of training, competition and recovery.

Gain that extra % and give yourself that edge over your competitors!


Nutrition for teams

We understand the unique demands of training and competition schedules at a team and individual athlete level.

Our nutrition services provide for teams of all levels, from beginners, to developmental squads and elite teams. Group education and skill development sessions including nutrition seminars, cooking demonstrations, supermarket tours are offered in conjunction with individual athlete support. Players are assessed as to their individual nutritional intake and provided with ongoing support to enhance their adaptations to training and maximise their performance at each and every training sessions and game.

Our role within the team environment extends well beyong the individual players. We are timesavers for other staff; taking on responsibilities such as pre and post game meals, snack and fluid provision, as well as the coordination of healthy menus at hotels when away. In conjunction with the medical and physical support team, we are also able to assist with making well-considered decisions about the use of supplements and specialised sport foods that have been shown to enhance performance or meet training nutrition needs.


For an appointment with Ines or one of our other Accredited Practising Dietitians, please call 08 8334 7200.





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