Our Resources

NPA have developed a variety of resources for Dietitians and for Aged Care Homes.

  • Client Education Resources and Aged Care Resources for Dietitians
  • Information for Aged Care Homes
  • Online Training Programs

Nutrition Resources for Aged Care Homes

Resources on a range of aged care nutrition topics that can be accessed online or printed for distribution to key staff.

Nutrition Resources for Dietitians

These professionally presented resources are an excellent tool for private practitioners or those working in a sole position in a hospital or community health centre.

Aged Care Resources for Dietitians

These professionally presented resources are based on the latest scientific evidence and are regularly expanded and updated as new information becomes available. They are an excellent tool for dietitians working in aged care homes, or when providing advice to any foodservice operator who is providing meals for older people.

Online presentations

From understanding how the nutritional needs of older people are different, improving the dining experience, creating meal plans and mastering a food first approach... We’ll show you how to create a first-class service in your facility even if you have no formal training or industry experience.

Meal Plans for Older People

Meal Plans for Older People is a benchtop guide to nutrition care and therapeutic or special diets when catering for older people. It provides a summary of nutrition for an older person, some information regarding menu planning as well as a meal plan for each of the various special diets that are likely to be encountered.