Remote Dietitian Consultations

Does your organisation have difficulty in accessing dietitian services? Aged care quality standards require residents in aged care homes to be reviewed by a dietitian but a suitably qualified and experienced dietitian is not always available, especially in rural areas. We can help!

Call to make an appointment with one of our experienced Accredited Practising Dietitians. We will:   

  • Send you a list of information we need about the resident   
  • Review all information provided
  • Speak to you via phone or web based app
  • Discuss relevant issues relating to the nutrition care of the resident
  • Speak to the consumer via web based app too if appropriate
  • Provide a written report that can be entered into the medical record
  • Provide a written meal plan for the care plan and the kitchen

Remote consulting is a great way to save on travel costs and to keep in regular touch with a dietitian about your residents. All you need is a computer and a webcam or a laptop with the webcam built in. Its easy!



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