Nutrition Resources for Aged Care

There are 2 sets of resources:

  • A - Resources on a range of aged care nutrition topics that can be accessed online or printed for distribution to key staff. These have recently been reviewed and updated. They include the latest information on Texture Modified Diets and IDDSI.
  • B - Care Home Form Examples- Examples of a range of common forms that may be used by an organisation to document menus and nutrition care. These are still in an older format- will be reviewed very soon!

Resources and forms will be updated and new resources will be added regularly.

Click here to view a sample resource from the library.

For a full list of Nutrition Professionals Australia resources for aged care click here.

You can begin accessing Nutrition Professionals Australia nutrition resources from our website now. Yearly costs for the standard resources are as follows:

AUD $100 per care home per year

NB: A free login to access our resources is available to all organisations that contract dietitian services from NPA.

Please note - Renewal Invoices will be sent out 4 weeks prior to membership finishing