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South Aussies are least likely to eat the daily recommended serves of vegetables

Kayla Itsines Bikini Bodies

The Bikini Body Cult of Kayla Itsines

NPA are proud to have been associated with the development of the healthy eating guides for Kayla Itsines and Bikini Bodies.

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Lunch Boxes


Nutritious Lunches that Tick all the Boxes

Nutrition Professional Australia dietitian Julie Dundon said parents who were unsure what to pack for their children should consult the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and start with the core food groups.

"All meals can be made into different cuisines we just need a little imagination," she said.

"If you take each core food group, it would be great to include at least one food from each of these groups in the lunch box".

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Redefining Retirement

Redefining Retirement Through Food and Nutrition

As we age our appetites drop, digestion is less effective and nutrient needs change.

Aveo, with the assistance of Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA), has taken a more scientific approach to nutrition to create a nutritional framework that embraces this. As a sign of their commitment to providing food choices that are both a pleasure to eat and nutritious, Aveo has introduced national nutritional food standards, which cover all food services within their villages a first for Australian retirement living.

This national nutritional food standard caters for the different dietary requirements residents have as they age. This may be as simple as providing more protein-based meal options or offering different portion sizes for easier digestion.

Spice Up Your Life

Spice Up Your Life

Are your eating habits stuck in a rut? Julie Dundon talks about the importance of eating a variety of foods every day.

Tanya Stiller


Tanya Stiller in the News

It is no small achievement for a mother of three children under the age of 10 to earn a master's degree.

For 43-year-old Tanya Stiller,  the achievement is made even more remarkable in that she has done it as a single mum while battling a rare and degenerative disease which causes her debilitating pain and sometimes paralysis.

Welcome to NPA Tanya- our newest Dietitian in Canberra. Read more here...

Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Aveo have partnered with NPA to provide a nutritional framework accross Aveo's restaurant and catering services. Aveo's Nutrition Select Menus provide delicious food that has been developed with the nutritional needs of the older population in mind.

Nutritious Meals for Older People


Elderly Suffer from Malnutrition

'FIFTY to 80 per cent of elderly people in aged care are malnourished, sparking alarm among local dietitians and a decision by a leading provider of retirement villages to overhaul all its meals, starting with the Gold Coast.' NPA are working with Aveo nationally to improve the nutrition in their meals.

Eating Well as You Age

About a third of older people living in the community are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. This is not well recognised and individuals may initially believe that weight loss is beneficial- when younger they may have been told to lose weight, but weight loss without trying is never a good thing. It can lead to increasing frailty and decreasing quality of life.



Ines Astudillo

Ines Astudillo talks to Nicole Senior

Ines talks about her Chilean culture and what she likes to eat.

Chem Plus Media Release

Better weight management can assist in preventing falls in older people

More than 50 percent of frail and elderly people in the community are at risk of malnutrition and excess weight loss, and do not get the right nutrition advice and supplements to support their nutrition needs, according to Nutrition Professionals Australia.

Advanced Accredited Practising Dietician, Anne Schneyder says weight loss and malnutrition are not normal parts of the aging process.

Vitamin D

Get outside to beat the winter blues!

Julie Dundon discusses where Vitamin D is found in food and how to obtain Vitamin D from sunshine. Did you know that some mushrooms are high in Vitamin D?

Non Dairy Milks

Non Dairy Milk- Increasing Demand at Adelaide Cafes

Julie Dundone discusses the potential health risks of the increasing popularity of alternative milks that are not supplemented with protein and or calcium.







Chocolate can be good for you, research reveals

Julie Dundon comments on chocolate- it contains flavonoids which have some health properties. It's also a mix of ingredients like saturated fats and sugar so you're not just eating pure flavonoids in chocolate. Have a little good quality dark chocolate and enjoy every single mouthful!



Can your DNA Guide your Diet?

Julie Dundon explains that there is an interaction between genes and diet that can increase the risk of health problems for some people if they eat a certain way. NPA's Nutrigenomix Genetic Testing can show whether you should modify your diet according to your genes. Read more...


Managing the nutritional health of malnourished older people.

Anne Schneyder comments about malnutrition in the elderly and the role of supplements. A Food First approach is always best, but commercial supplements also play a role.

Menu Planning Guidelines

Menu Planning Guidelines for Aged Care Homes- Missing in Action?

Aged Care Accreditation Standards are demanding increasing levels of excellence and facilities are coming under ever increasing scrutiny around the provision of nutrition and hydration. Food Service Managers are struggling with tighter budgets and needing to do more with less. Anne Schneyder asks where are the Nutrition and Menu Planning Standards for aged care facilities?

Real Food or Supplements in Aged Care?

Real Food, Supplements Help Elderly Stay Healthy

Studies have shown that malnutrition in the elderly can result in significant illness, hospitalisation, the development of pressure ulcers, infection, an increase in falls and fractures, and even death. Unintentional weight loss can also result in a reduction in the ability to care for oneself, loss of mobility and independence, and a poorer quality of life.

Ms Schneyder said that for people at risk of malnutrition, using real foods was the first step to improving nutrition. Nutritional supplements could be a valuable addition to the diet for an older person who was malnourished or at risk, but supplements should not be used on their own without a comprehensive assessment from a dietitian.


Pre 2014


Aged Care

Nutrition seminars for aged care facilities


Just 3 per week

Allergies and Intolerances

Facts about food allergies

Allergy recipes

Body Image

Body shape

Positive role models

Tall and athletic but told to diet


Childcare centres

Childhood obesity epidemic a 'myth'

Get into it - kids and sport

Junk food ban in school canteens

Making lunchtime healthy

One in four Aussie kids now overweight

Organic baby foods

Parents role in healthy eating habits

Pester power

School tuckshops still opting for unhealthy choices

Vitamin supplements

Childrens Salt intake


Is coconut water good for you?

Is coconut a superfood?

Dental Health

Health foods that will not rot your teeth

Preventing tooth decay

SA kid's dental decay rates


Detox can be dangerous to your health

It's a waste of money

Warning re detox diets


Diabetes alarm - many remain ignorant of risks

Travelling with diabetes

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Unit closure

Teen girls would rather be blind that labelled fat

Eating Out

A recipe for the best habits in dining out

Dining out a luxury

Restaurants cut down calories

Energy Drinks

Students seek energy drinks boost at exam times

Adelaide schools fight energy drinks


Fats - good, bad and ugly

Push for trans fat ban


Juicy fruits

Soft drink makers join obesity battle

Food Products

Furore over Tim Tam healthy eating

iSnack 2.0

Fruit and Vegetables

90 per cent of Australians do not eat enough fruit and vegetables

Apples - eat the skin

Best fruit and vegetables for your health

How to win the vegetable war

Vegetable snub is harmful to health

Why fruit and vegetables are so cheap


Gourmet grains

Six grains to give you good health

Healthy Eating

Australian men don't eat enough fruit and vegetables

Boost your immunity

Choosing the pathway to dietary health

Comfort food made good

Emotional eating no trivial matter

Love of food

Nutrient density

Post Christmas eating

Recommended calorie requiremens revised

Reverse action - form good health habits

The raw food diet

We won't hold back on food and drink this Christmas

Hospital Food

Malnutrition in hospitals


Iodised salt in bread


Are you getting enough iron?

Liver Disease

Protect your liver


Milk varieties

Milk alternatives

Obesity Surgery

Bariatric surgery not a quick fix

Omega 3s

Can food affect your mood?

Physical Activity

Fat fit and healthy

Healthy habits to beat cold spells

Winter blues


Weight gain in pregnancy


What are probiotics


Are you eating too much salt?

Take health claims with a grain of salt


Healthy eating will set you up for a healthy life


Supermarkets block healthy foods

Takeaway Foods

Call to regulate fast food outlets

Drive through convenience

McDonald's combo meal

Now it's the meat mountain

Toy giveaways


Stay healthy on holiday

Vegetarian Diets

Raw food vegan diet

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Get supplement smart

Vitamin supplements 'do more harm than good'

Vitamins do not extend life

Vitamin D

Gloomy weather is bad for our bones

Weight Loss

Alkaline diet

A cultural shift is needed

Atkins Controversy: Headache of the Bad Breath

Attack weight loss with a cultural shift

Celebrity diet dangers

Celebrity diet - the experts' verdict

Eating personality types

Escape your diet downfall

Fat diets dangers

Healthy normal weight loss

High protein low carb

Low carb diets not a smart choice

Seven steps to a healthy weight

Some foods too tempting

Support essential for weight loss success

The skinny on diets

The smart way to shed those unwanted kilos

The weight-gain trap