What happens when I have an appointment with the dietitian?

What should I bring?

Please fill in and bring with you the Client Information form.

Please fill in the 3 day diet diary attached to these forms. Please include all food and drink and any regular exercise that you do. If you find this task difficult, it is not essential as the dietitian can ask the appropriate questions at the time of your visit.

Please bring with you all details about your medical condition or dietary requirements that the dietitian may need in order to make a full assessment and to provide the best advice:

-Doctor's referral letter (not essential unless you are eligible for Medicare rebates under a chronic disease care plan prepared by your GP)
-Medicare Allied Health referral form if your doctor has placed you on a care plan for your chronic condition (this may have been provided to us by your GP prior to making an appointment)
-Relevant blood tests if you have them
-A list of your medical conditions if relevant
-A list of your current medications

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow all paperwork to be completed and to ensure we can provide you with the best possible service.

What will the dietitian do?

Initial Consultation

In your initial consultation session your dietitian will complete a detailed nutritional health assessment and will clarify your usual eating patterns and your concerns around your nutrition and special diet needs. The dietitian will develop an eating plan that combines practical and achievable strategies that are personalised to your specific needs.

Follow-up consultations

Your nutritional management is delivered to you with personal attentive care. For this reason you will be encouraged to attend follow-up consultations at a frequency determined by both you and your dietitian. While some clients may receive all the information they require at their initial appointment, most benefit from ongoing appointments between 1 and 4 weeks apart.
In your follow-up sessions we will monitor your progress and continue to provide you with practical nutrition advice, motivation and a helping hand towards achieving your goals.

Couples & Families

Couples and families are welcome. Successful dietary changes are often easier to achieve when you have the support of a family member or friend. Couples and family consultations provide an effective way to ensure changes to eating habits can be sustained in the long term

Appointment times:

A range of appointment times are available at various locations in Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra.

To make an appointment please Call: (08) 8334 7200 or Fax: (08) 8267 5254 


For information about our consultation fees, click here.

Make a referral:

Download our referral form for dietitian services and fax to (08) 8267 5254

Cancellation policy

For individual appointments and groups, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations or rescheduling of your appointments.

If you are unable to attend an appointment, please call the office on (08) 8334 7200 to make another time.

If you do not attend an appointment and do not give us notice then a booking fee of $50 will be charged to make another time. This fee is refundable from the cost of your next appointment. The full fee will be charged for any subsequant appointment that is not attended.

It is not our aim to make profits from cancellation fees, rather to make sure those appointment times are kept available for others who need them.

We do appreciate that, in some circumstances, short notice may occasionally be unavoidable, and discretion will be exercised in such cases.


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