Healthy Eating and Nutrition Advice

At your first appointment your Dietitian will assess your overall diet and lifestyle, and will assist with setting some goals for change and improvement.

Support and Followup

There is strong evidence that regular support and follow up is an important factor in achieving your goals. To support this, Nutr4Life can offer a 'package' of 5 regular appointments at a discount price, using a suggested list of topics for discussion and application to your own lifestyle.

We suggest that you discuss this with your dietitian to select a list of 5 topics that you would like to cover over the 5 scheduled appointments. These topics are a starting point only and can be altered as you wish:

Our top 5 picks:

Healthy Snacks How much should I be eating?
Label Reading 
Dining Out and Takeaway
Recipe Modification- altering favourites to be more healthy 
Physical Activity- what if I hate to exercise? 

Other popular topics:

Alcohol - how much and how often? 
Breakfast options - which cereals are best?
Making long term changes
Healthy fats - what are poly and mono?
Counting fat - how much do I need?
Fibre - how much do I need and where does it come from? 
Fluids - how much should I be drinking?
Free Foods - what foods can I eat and not gain weight? 
Fruit - how important is it?
Glycaemic Index - what does low GI really mean? 
High Protein Low Carb diets? 
How much protein do I need?
Meal Planning & Shopping 
Whole grains - what are the benefits? 
Legumes - you don't need to be a vegetarian to enjoy them 
Quick & Easy meal ideas
Salad Dressings - some options for summer 
Soups - not just from a packet 
Salt  - flavouring food without salt
Sandwich Ideas 
Special occasions - staying on track
Artificial sweeteners - are they OK?
Takeaway food - what are the healthier ones?
Travelling - how to cope when away from home  
Vegetables - some ideas to keep them interesting 
Calcium - do you really need to eat dairy foods?
Heartburn - strategies to improve symptoms
Iron - which are the best sources?
Vegetarian diets - the importance of protein
Cholesterol - how many eggs can I eat?
Nutrition for exercise - is there something special I should eat?


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