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World Diabetes Day

Posted by Nutrition Professionals Australia on 14 November 2014
World Diabetes Day

November 14th is World Diabetes Day!

World Diabetes Day was created in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat that diabetes now poses. 

World Diabetes Day is a campaign that features a new theme chosen by the International Diabetes Federation each year to address issues facing the global diabetes community. While the themed campaigns last the whole year, the day itself is celebrated on November 14, to mark the birthday of Frederick Banting who, along with Charles Best, first conceived the idea which led to the discovery of insulin in 1921.

Healthy Living and Diabetes is the World Diabetes Day theme for 2014-2016.

Here are some websites to get reliable information about diabetes and healthy eating:

Australian Dietary Guidelines
Calorie King
Better Health
Diabetes Australia
Dietitians Association of Australia
Food Watch
Go for 2 and 5
If Not Dieting
Healthy Food Guide
Live Lighter
Measure Up Campaign
Healthy Weight Week
Eat Well Meals
Food Cents
Diabetic Living

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