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What's in your breakfast?

Posted by Nutrition Professionals Australia on 11 May 2014
What's in your breakfast?

It all starts with breakfast!

Many people skip breakfast because they think it will help them lose weight. This can actually have the opposite effect and lead to gaining weight in the long term! Eating breakfast helps your brain work properly, which is very important to prepare for a long day at work or school. It also makes it easier for you to follow a healthy eating pattern for the rest of the day by making you less likely to crave sweets or junk food before lunch.

Breakfast is one of the easiest meals of the day to prepare and there are lots of tasty things you can eat at breakfast time. Don’t get bored with the same old breakfast – try different foods and combinations each day.

High fibre breakfast cereal with youghurt and fresh fruit or berries.

Toasted Raisin bread with a thin scrape of margarine.

Wholegrain toast with a thin scrape of honey or ricotta cheese and sliced banana.

Crumpets or English Muffins with sliced tomato or a thin scrape of honey, jam or vegemite.

Chopped fresh or tinned fruit (in natural juice) with a small tub of low fat yoghurt.

Frozen fruit – try banana, rockmelon, grapes, oranges, watermelon and strawberries.

Wrap a banana in wholemeal bread or fruit bread.

Small can of baked beans on wholegrain toast.

A good breakfast of low GI foods such as breakfast cereals, toast, fruit and yoghurt can help reduce the total amount of food eaten later in the day. Late night snacks on the other hand tend to put us at a greater risk of weight gain.

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