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Breakfast- is it important?

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 31 August 2018
Breakfast could just be the most important meal of the day. This article from Senioirs News discusses what a good breakfast should look like.

A Menu Fit for the Elderly

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 16 August 2018

Following is an exerpt from an article from The Daily Telegraph:

Earlier this year, research published in the Nutrition and Dietetic journal, found that "some nursing home providers were spending $6.08 a day for three meals per resident". The same study also found that "half of aged care residents suffered from malnutrition, with nursing home providers cutting spending on food by 30 per cent, per resident last year alone."

With these results in mind, some aged care communities and nursing homes in Australia have taken matters into their own hands, swapping "budget cut meals" of menus past, for something fresher and more nourishing. Taking a scientific approach to custom-made menus and ready-meals, John Casey, National Food Services Manager of Aveo, says this new approach will help prevent weight loss and malnutrition in senior Australians.

"With the assistance of Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA), Aveo has taken a more scientific approach when creating a nutritional framework. NPA provides advice on how to cater for senior Australian's dietary requirements, specifically seniors with diabetes, allergies and intolerances."

Have a look at the video about health food in retirement living.




Nutrition and Hydration Week

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 16 March 2018
This has been Nutrition and Hydration Week. Check out the website for some great ideas on how aged care homes across the world are providing meals and drinks to their residents. Sometimes the sim[plest of ideas can make the biggest difference.