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Keeping those fluids up!

Posted by Julie Dundon AdvAPD on 13 February 2020
Trying to meet hydration needs of older people is always challenging but it is even more challenging in the peak of Summer in Australia.  As described in the last article, many foods such as custard and soups provide fluid and some nutrition and these should be used as a priority.

Other practical strategies to increase fluid intake include:

  • Identify those at risk of dehydration
  • Record and review consumption
  • Encourage enthusiastically
  • Encourage residents to drink with others
  • Use familiar cups or mugs
  • Offer fluids at every meal and snack
  • Offer a wide variety of drinks
  • Offer preferred fluids - resident may drink cordial better than water
  • Offer iceblocks/ icecreams/ jellies

Quench that thirst!

Posted by Julie Dundon AdvAPD on 11 February 2020

When the mercury hits above 40, it is challenging for all of us to meet our hydration needs.  It's even more difficult as we get older as our thirst is often reduced and we don't always know when we need more to drink.  Women need at least 8 glasses (2 litres approx.) of fluid per day and men need at least 10 glasses (2.5litres approx.).  In the hot weather it's likely those quantities increase even further.

Food has fluid too - up to 500 to 700ml depending on the food eaten, so the actual fluid that needs to be taken as drinks to prevent dehydration may only be 1200 to 1500ml.

Examples include

  • Soups
  • Custard, ice cream, junket, yoghurt
  • Stewed fruit, canned fruit, pureed fruit
  • Cereal with milk, porridge
  • Ice-blocks or icy-poles
  • Jelly

Water, tea, coffee and diet cordial drinks provide fluid but no nourishment.

It is a myth that tea and coffee are dehydrating for regular users. If someone drinks tea or coffee on most days then the body adapts to the potential diuretic effects- they are a good source of fluid.

Juice, milk, milkshakes and commercial supplements provide excellent nutrition at the same time as the fluid so are great choices.

Even ordinary cordial, soft drink and sports drinks provide sugar and some valuable calories when someone is underweight.

Nutrition and Hydration Week

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 16 March 2018
This has been Nutrition and Hydration Week. Check out the website for some great ideas on how aged care homes across the world are providing meals and drinks to their residents. Sometimes the sim[plest of ideas can make the biggest difference.