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NPA and COVID-19

Posted by Nutrition Professionals Australia on 26 March 2020
NPA and COVID-19

NPA is taking active steps to ensure the health and safety of both its customers and staff during this difficult time.  We continue to deliver quality services to our customers to maintain their health and wellbeing. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, preparing and implementing precautionary actions, and closely following the advice and recommendations of the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Additionally, we are:
  • Reinforcing standard transmission precautions (including hand hygiene and social distancing) with our dietitians.
  • Liaising with each aged care home regarding their specific procedures.
  • Ensuring that our dietitians are only travelling for essential service delivery reasons.
  • Ensuring a flu immunisation for staff.
Dietitian Consultations:

It is always important for older people to eat well, but especially so now to ensure that they have good nutrition and an optimal immune system.

NPA dietitians will continue to offer nutrition and dietetic services and individual consultations to care homes according to the organisation's specific procedures.

Where required we are able to offer a remote service using a variety of methods:

  • Remote login to the clinical software and Medimap where possible
  • Transfer of client information via secure Dropbox or Fax
  • Skype or Zoom consultations with staff and consumers
Audit of Menu and Nutrition Care:

NPA continue to offer an audit of menu and nutrition care according to the new quality standards. This may be conducted in person, or can also be offered as a remote service. NPA will ask you to fill in a questionnaire, measure weights of foods and take photos of meals. The dietitian will conduct a phone interview with key staff and will provide a comprehensive report with recommendations against the new standards.

Online Training and Education:

It is recognised that traditional training methods are no longer possible. NPA can offer:

  • Access to our online training modules https://www.npagroup.com.au/online-aged-care-presentations.html (free for those organisations with a contract with NPA)
  • Interactive webinars- all you need is a laptop with a camera, an iPad or tablet of even a mobile phone!
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