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New Standards for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 18 December 2017
New Standards for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids

Have you seen the new international standards for texture modified diets?

The Dietitians Association of Australia and Speech Pathology Australia have endorsed the new IDDSI standards for Australia and in 2018 you will start to see some publicity about this initiative.

The companies that produce thickeners and pre- thickened drinks are in the planning stages of updating their products and they will also keep you informed.

The main changes are the link between the food texture and the fluid thickness and the addition of a new (slightly thick) fluid thickness.

There is also an easy test using a syringe to check if your fluid is the right thickness. So, don't make the change just yet- you will be sure to be provided more and updated information in the next few months.

Have a look at the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative website: http://iddsi.org/


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