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Meal Plans Manual updated for IDDSI

Posted by Anne Schneyder on 10 May 2019
Meal Plans Manual updated for IDDSI

Have you implemented IDDSI yet? The date for implementation of the new IDDSI guidelines was 1st May.  Key issues to consider include:

  • Documentation of the IDDSI textures and thickened fluids in your clinical software and in kitchen documentation
  • Training for care and kitchen staff on the differences between the Easy to Chew and the Soft and Bite Sized Diets
  • How have your residents currently receiving a soft diet been classified in the new guidelines? You will need support from your speech pathologist

Our Meal Plans for Older People Manual has been revised for IDDSI. If you have purchased a version over the past 12 months, you will receive an updated version. For more information or to purchase the manual, click here.


Author:Anne Schneyder
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