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Fortify food!

Posted by Julie Dundon AdvAPD on 20 April 2020
Fortify food!

During this time when aged care homes are isolating the residents from families and visitors, we know that they are more likely to feel lonely and puts them at a higher nutritional risk. 
We must ACT NOW and make food and nutrition a priority, or we are likely to see our most vulnerable have poorer health outcomes, with an increased incidence of wounds, falls, infections and even death.
Some things to do to ensure that the risk is being managed include:

NPA Hint no. 5

Ensure all the meals are fortified using a food first approach. This is not necessarily using commercial nutrition supplements but adding additional energy and protein using milk powder, cheese, eggs in cooking.  NPA can provide further details if you require.

Author:Julie Dundon AdvAPD
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