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Delicious and nutritious snacks!

Posted by Julie Dundon AdvAPD on 30 April 2020
Delicious and nutritious snacks!
Vulnerable people living in aged care homes are at even greater nutritional risk during these times of social distancing and isolation.  Their appetite is expected to decline during these times, making snacks an even more important part of the menu.
NPA Hint No. 7
Ensure snacks and drinks are delicious and nutritious treats for all residents. Sweet biscuits need to be replaced with food that provides real nutrition. Items such home-baked items using fruit, wholemeal flour, milk-based desserts, fruit smoothies are strongly recommended for all.
Make sure they are offered 3 times per day - morning tea, afternoon tea and supper.
If you would like to be sure you are on the right track, call for your free 15 minutes check up!

Author:Julie Dundon AdvAPD
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